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If you are experiencing a mental health emergency - call 988 to reach the suicide and crisis hotline

Kenny Wolford Ma, LPC, LMFT

Licensed Professional Counselor (Oregon - C2212)

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (Oregon - T0637)


If you are an individual, a couple or a family, the fact that you have found your way to this website underlines your desire for improvement and change. Choosing a therapist is a big decision. If you are going to make an investment in changing your life and/or the lives of family and friends, you should  have as much information as possible before creating a therapist/client relationship. My hope is that the information within this website gives you an overall feeling for my style as a person and therapist.

Of course, improvement and fulfillment look, feel and mean something different to each and every one of us. My job as your therapist is first, to understand what would constitute a more enriched and happy life for each individual, couple or family. What would this goal look and feel like on a daily basis in relationship, home, work, school and social settings? Often times, this is a complex process since you might not be sure what goals and dreams are even possible or realistic. As your therapist, I will begin by helping you to verbalize and imagine such possibilities.

Once we are able to formulate some attainable short and long term goals, it becomes our mission to help build a new set of "life tools" that will help you maintain a path towards a more enriched lifestyle. At the heart of such goals are: new communication skills, new lifestyle choices, career goals, as well as nutrition, exercise and self-care. The new path will help minimize guilt and shame driven behaviors and choices. Often, we will be able to take advantage of many areas of your life in which you are successful and happy and transfer those same skills to areas in which you wish to improve.

If it sounds like we have common goals for what you imagine therapy to entail, please contact me by phone or email.

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